Special Purpose Rolling Shutter Spring Coiling Machine

Full Localisation Support 5mm to 10mm Fully Automatic Left-Right Coiling Simultaneously PLC control with HMI interface
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This machine is for fully automatic production of Rolling Shutter springs. The machine is specially designed to fulfill the requirement of Rolling Shutter Spring industry. The machine is capable to make Rolling Shutter springs from 5mm to 10 mm wire diameter with Left hand and Right hand coiling simultaneously to make both the springs in equal quantity. This feature is especially for Rolling Shutter spring industry where Left hand and right hand Springs are used in almost equal quantity.

The spring diameter is to be set in manual setting. After the spring diameter is set, the wire length in one spring is to be set in HMI. The machine senses the wire fed in real time and stops feeding wire when required wire length is achieved. The spring is then cut at that length. The machine can produce minimum of 1.5 ton spring production in weight with smallest wire. For larger wire, production is even higher in weight.
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